SIOR Launches Responsive Website

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This week SIOR unveiled a new version of its website that uses Responsive Design technology. The enhancement will enrich the online user experience by delivering full content and functionality across all devices.

Responsive design ensures that automatically adjusts according to the device’s screen size and orientation, giving the user an improved, consistent browsing experience on all mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. The site also provides streamlined content and navigation, enhancing the way information is distributed and found.

“We see ‘Responsive’ as both a design methodology and a product strategy,” said SIOR Executive Vice President Richard Hollander, SIOR, FRICS. “Smartphones and tablets are an important part of our digital growth strategy. Our core audience is always connected and on the go, and we have seen a drastic increase in mobile and tablet use. Therefore, it is essential that our users be able to access all of the website’s information and features across multiple devices. Our aim is to give our users the best experience and content no matter their technology preferences.”

In addition to the user experience benefits, the responsive site will allow to offer new and improved sections/features, including:

  • Instant SIOR member location searching
  • Increased marketing of member transactions
  • Enhanced access to industry and member news
  • Improved member benefit tools and services

To access the new site, visit

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