SIOR and IAMC Commission Recipe for Change

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SIOR and IAMC have teamed up to commission Recipe for Change: The Flexible Food Processing Plant of the Future as part of the DesignFlex 2030 initiative to explore the potential of new design approaches that could lead to more flexible, adaptable, and sustainable industrial facilities in the future.

The Flexible Food Processing Plant of the Future is the first in a series of white papers with the goal of reimagining the industrial facilities of the future so they can be re-purposed quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as needs and users change.

This paper, designed by the DesignFlex 2030 Food Processing Design Team, looks at a prototype for a more flexible food processing plant. The concept features six key areas of innovation that can help inform the future facilities plans of food processing firms as they face disruptive technological change, a shifting regulatory landscape, and rapidly turning business cycles.

To read the full white paper click here.