SIOR Celebrates its First Annual Global Service Day

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SIOR celebrated its first annual global Service Day on Monday, May 8th. In recognition of the organization’s inaugural event, members from New York to Colorado have been participating in community service events through their local chapters.

“Since SIOR’s founding 76 years ago, the organization has taken great pride in our charity work and our reputation for being deeply involved with the surrounding community,” said David Liebman, speaker on SIOR’s Leadership Council. “Because of the creative, generous community leaders who make up this organization, SIOR remains profoundly oriented in a giving direction, which we believe deserves to be recognized and celebrated.”

In observation of SIOR Service Day, local chapters have been planning their own unique events through which they can, in an organized effort, give back to their communities. As an example, SIOR’s New England Chapter joined the veterans support group Pease Greeters to welcome back 170 troops who had served the past nine months in Afghanistan. The chapter donated $300 in pizza as well as a check to Pease Greeters for $1,400.

Additionally, on Monday, May 8th, SIOR’s Colorado Chapter built bikes with Wish for Wheels, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that gives brand new bicycles and helmets to kids in low-income communities. The chapter donated $2,500 to the organization.


Meanwhile, the New York City/Downstate New York Chapter of SIOR served dinner to roughly 300 people at the Community Kitchen & Pantry Food Bank in West Harlem. These are just a few of the several charitable events that will be hosted by local SIOR chapters over the upcoming weeks.

The Candidate Task Force held its business meeting in Chicago, IL, on SIOR’s Service Day, and members generously contributed money to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Michael Topp, Felix Tejada, Taber Thill, Pat Sentner, Rich Salesman, Geoff Kasselman, and David Hagan.
Pictured left to right: Michael Topp, SIOR Director of Membership; Felix Tejada, SIOR; Taber Thill, SIOR; Pat Sentner, SIOR; Rich Sleasman, SIOR; SIOR President, Geoff Kasselman, SIOR LEED AP, and SIOR Foundation President, David Hagan, SIOR, CCIM.

“May 8th will mark SIOR Service Day. It is a date that recognizes both SIOR’s presence in the commercial real estate industry as well as our organization’s original formation as a direct extension of America’s World War II effort,” explained SIOR Global President Geoffrey Kasselman. “It was incredibly important for us to find a day that has significance in SIOR’s history, and May 8th marks the day World War II officially ended in Europe, known as Victory in Europe (VE) day.”