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4 Ways Gen Z is Set to Impact the Office Space


Move over, Millennials; Generation Z is making their way onto the office sceneand they’re arriving with a bang. 

In the same way that the Millennial generation disrupted the rhythm of global business, Gen Z is ready to start shaking things up all over again. They’re following in the footsteps of their predecessors by bringing forth their own set of conditions, clauses, and demands that are reshaping the office space.

The idea of a post-COVID office space is top of mind for businesses, but those aren’t the only changes we should be preparing for as more shifts are following Gen Z’s arrival onto the scene. Stay ahead of the developing trends by understanding these four (4) ways that Gen Z-ers are set to impact the commercial office scene:

1. Task-Centric Work Areas

Gen Z is looking for an office space that provides them the ability to switch up the pace and adapt to each new task. This generation wants to optimize their efforts by shifting into the best ambiance to facilitate each task. 

Modular offices are a key for members of Gen Z to be able to do their work the way they want to. In addition, task-specific areas and sections will be strewn across the office. This means personal work pods, big open spaces for creative work, and outdoor areas, to name a few. As it happens, many of these coincide with what offices could look like when integrating social-distancing measures into the office-space.

2. Extending the Office Outside

The borders of the office are still expanding. The outdoor office trend was introduced with Millennials, but Gen Z is taking this concept to a new level. 

This incredibly tech-savvy generation is known to make an extra effort to connect with nature and spend time outdoors. In addition, they’re passionate about the environment and appreciate the wonders of nature. When it comes to basic tasks like brainstorming sessions, group meetings, or other personal tasks, Gen Z wants to do it outside.

3. Digitize It

A 2019 study shows that Gen Z spends an average of 10 hours a day engaging with technology. All of this tech exposure undoubtedly has bred a digitally-fluent generationand they’re looking to bring this expertise to the workforce. 

The thresholds of digital office integrations are expected to skyrocket when Gen Z-ers start hitting the office sector. Tenants and property owners will need to keep up with the cutting-edge of tech development to capture the attention of Gen-Z clients, team members, and investors.

4. Wellness-Focused

Gen Z is the leading demographic for wellness-based goods, so it’s no surprise that this movement is leaking into the office scene. Gen Z is paying attention to their body-mind connection and wants their workspaces to care, as well. 

This is essential for the generation that suffers from immense rates of anxiety, stress, and depression. Predict Gen-Z’s workspaces to contain areas and amenities to cultivate a positive workplace culture that values the needs of the team and strives for overarching balance. 

Office cultures aren’t what they used to be, and the last few months have shown us that as an industry, flexibility is key.



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