Leasing Perspectives: Maximizing the Right Space in the Right Location

The office market across the U.S. continues to adjust and adapt to an environment in which workers bring a new perspective about their ideal work setting,[..]


Office Redefined: Ledger & Community-Driven Workplace Design

As the commercial real estate landscape changes, SIOR members persist at the forefront, navigating future trends and seizing new opportunities. Recently,[..]


The Colors of Commercial Real Estate: A Mid-Year Office & Industrial Outlook

As we reach the halfway mark of 2023, the commercial real estate industry is an unfinished painting, comprised of varying colors and brushstrokes—from[..]


The Office is Changing: Here are the Five Things the C-Suite Can’t Ignore

Republished with permission from dmagazine.com.


Flight to Quality

Office Assets

As companies of all sizes begin to implement their return-to-work plans, conversations around the future of the office continue to evolve.[..]


Giving Life to Office Space

The recent spate of converting existing offices into space that can accommodate the needs of life science companies has made the media sit up and take[..]


The Great Wait? Or The Great Return?

Service-Oriented Firms Lead the Way While Larger Corporations are Holding Back.

Is the “Great Wait” for things to return to business as usual finally[..]


Reinventing the Office Space Post-COVID 19

COVID-19 created a paradigm shift in the way many organizations view office space usage. Across the globe, companies have adopted hybrid-workplace models,[..]


The Office of the Future Remains as Uncertain as Ever

Republished with permission from Commercial Property Executive.


Raising Downtowns Up

“Ghost towns.” That is howBloombergreporters recently described London, New York, and San Francisco, all of which experienced significant decreases in[..]

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