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5 Ways to Revamp Your Tired Office Building for 2020

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And just like that, a new decade is here. The new year is a great time for property owners and developers to give their buildings a much-needed refresher. With so many industries evolving at an unprecedented rate, CRE pros need to step up their game if they want to stay current.

This is particularly true for the office sector. Workspace design has completely transformed, the contemporary workforce is more diverse than ever, and technology is doing away with outdated setups. It’s tough to stay afloat, but the new year is giving the industry an excellent opportunity to flip the situation around and deliver what 2020’s tenants want.

Is your office space dated? If so, here are some things you can do to upgrade your market appeal:

1. Add New Tech Infrastructure

Technology is a major driver for business success in 2020. The only way to participate in the upcoming tech revolution is by laying down the proper infrastructure, first.

As more data is being stored and transferred wirelessly, your favorite digital devices need support from a physical net of satellites, sensors, wiring, and other tools. This advanced infrastructure is imperative for your office building to be at the forefront of technology’s upcoming trends.

Make sure your office building is equipped with the infrastructure needed to attract tech-savvy tenants in 2020. 

2. Boost Connectivity

Another tech-related upgrade all tired office buildings need is a boost in connectivity.

Older buildings with thick walls are often full of ‘dead zones’ since they weren’t built with wireless connectivity in mind. The best way to revamp these spaces is by giving them a digital makeover.

Whether it’s making renovations that will improve 5G connectivity or adding in additional WiFi support, consider improving your office connection’s speed and power.

3. Go Eco-Friendly

As more companies are being pressured by consumer-demands to become eco-friendly, the office sector is feeling the heat to be eco-minded.

Office buildings who limit their wasted resources, use solar panels, and actively recycle are all getting an edge over the competition. Tenants who are specifically looking for an eco-friendly office property will likely choose a green property over a wasteful one, even if they are comparable deals.

4. Diversify the User Experience

Establishing experiential work zones is key to boosting your tenant appeal in 2020.

Office tenants will be looking for a property that has many different kinds of work areas for their team members. Quiet single desk areas, big group collaboration tables, small meeting rooms, and large conference areas are all apart of the contemporary work scheme—and tenants are looking for a property that has it all.

Consider adding more diversity to your office building with specialized work areas this new year.

5. Ditch the Cubicle

Finally, if you haven’t already done so, you might want to consider ditching the cubicle.

2019 saw the contemporary workforce moving far away from this outdated module, so switch it up with some open formats and well-designed work zones to prepare for the new decade.

Updating your space with these 5 tips will help you up your property value and stimulate tenant appeal this coming year.

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