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7 Industrial Park Amenities to Attract & Retain Employees


Despite a good economy, it’s hard to find good employees. Attracting and retaining talented labor to industrial parks is essential, but it’s not an easy task. Industrial labor is highly competitive, and managers need to think about how they can best set themselves apart. Fostering a sense of community and offering amenities are two ways companies can achieve this goal. We will discuss seven (7) amenities developers, owners, and managers can offer and how they can help garner talent.

  1. Games

    As we’ve seen from Google, games and onsite resting pods not only help attract people but can serve to increase energy levels, once back on the job. Customizing that for a manufacturing plant or warehouse could include ping-pong, billiards, foosball, basketball courts, virtual reality gaming systems, putting greens, arcade games, and cornhole. Managers have found that it’s becoming increasingly important that workers have fun at work in order to keep them from looking for other jobs. Providing games and other leisure-related activities (with large 10 -15 minute timer clocks) can do just that.

  2. Food

    Onsite food options are another way to set yourself apart. Building a food court area—or even hiring food trucks—can make an industrial park very attractive. No one likes bland food, and lunch breaks with co-workers can foster a sense of comradery. This not only helps attract workers but retains them as well. It’s important to offer variety as well as a friendly, open setting.

  3. Fresh Air

    Offering walking trails and outdoor seating can also bring a positive vibe to a park. Giving employees the opportunity to go outside and get some fresh air is a huge benefit, especially since they will be working indoors for most of the day. Knowing that they will have the opportunity to get some fresh air and connect with their peers can help keep employees’ stress levels down. Outdoor seating allows people to enjoy their breaks, creating an open and happy environment many industrial parks miss out on. Additionally, enhancements like a pond can provide employees a view to enjoy while outside. If it’s possible to build a nice pond (instead of just a shallow retention area), folks could take a brief fishing break, or feed the ducks, etc.

  4. Workout Facilities

    Offering access to onsite workout facilities can also help attract and retain labor. Gym prices seem to be priced at strong amounts these days, often costing more than $70 a month. Additionally, with children on top of work, many employees simply cannot find time to go to the gym. Physical well-being has been directly correlated to mental well-being, so by offering on-site work out facilities, employees can get in a quick workout, making them feel better about both themselves and their environment. The best part for them: it’s free!

  5. Natural Lighting 

    Building facilities with window and natural light can also help keep your employees happy and their spirits high. Often industrial facilities lack an abundance of natural light, so providing wall skylight windows at the tops of the walls can help you stand out. This can also help your employees feel clean, fresh, and happy rather than feeling stuck in a ‘dungeon like’ facility for 8+ hours a day. Additionally, a plethora of natural light could serve as a very visible sign to all that the park or plant is environmentally friendly.

  6. Public Transportation

    Access to public transportation is important as many younger folks in bigger cities are not buying cars, instead relying heavily on Uber, Lyft, and public transportation. Being on a bus line or near a subway/metro stop can make a significant impact on your ability to land talent. Gas prices, traffic, and parking can be circumvented from the stress of your employee’s life if good public transportation is available.

  7. Improved “Facilities”

    Last but certainly not least is for companies to offer improved restrooms and break areas. Historically plant facilities are poorly maintained, but employees (understandably) want nice, clean restrooms and break areas. Maintaining well-kept facilities can help keep employees happy and is not too expensive of an investment. Doing something as simple as improving the restrooms and break areas can go a long way.

So how will you create or re-develop your industrial park or facility? It might just improve your retention rate and productivity.

George McCutchen, CCIM, SIOR

George McCutchen, CCIM, SIOR

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