Case Study: Max Capital Value

SIOR members close big deals in a big way. Select transaction case studies are featured in the SIOR Report so readers can learn both about and from the[..]


The Great Wait? Or The Great Return?

Service-Oriented Firms Lead the Way While Larger Corporations are Holding Back.

Is the “Great Wait” for things to return to business as usual finally[..]


The System of Systems

As the Nation Awaits Repairs to Infrastructure, Industrial Specialists Are Adapting

At the time of this writing, the U.S. stands to lose its global[..]


More Women in Industrial CRE Isn’t Just Good For Women- It’s Good For the Industry

Republished with permission from Dallas Business Journal.


Raising Downtowns Up

“Ghost towns.” That is how Bloomberg reporters recently described London, New York, and San Francisco, all of which experienced significant decreases in[..]


Opportunity Rewards the Bold in Nashville’s Industrial Market

Written by Hi Lewis, SIOR, and Reprinted with Permission From Nashville Business Journal.


There’s No Slowing Down Phoenix Industrial Demand

Written by Lance Ross, SIOR, and Reprinted with Permission From Phoenix Business Journal.


Warming Up to Cold Storage

A Conversation About the Pandemic’s Impact on the Newest Industrial Darling

In recent years, cold storage has become a very active property sector as[..]


The Catch (22) of the Day: Cold Storage

Let’s face it: COVID-19 is a once-in-a-century phenomenon that has caused unprecedented chaos and disruption to nearly every person and company on the[..]


An Eye on E-Commerce & Its Impact on Industrial Buildings in 2020

The current global pandemic has forced consumers to remain in their homes. As a result,what was once a 21st century luxury has now become a means of[..]

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