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Exploring the Potential Impact of Blockchain on Commercial Real Estate

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With the new release of “Blockchain and Commercial Real Estate,” a brief authored by blockchain and real estate thought leader, Avi Spielman, we take a look at Blockchain's potential impact on commercial real estate. The article is the first of SIOR’s Thought Leadership Series.

As blockchain becomes an accepted aspect of business aspirations and common vernacular, industries must examine how this technology of today could improve or hinder everyday practices. In commercial real estate, an industry once considered inflexible, Spielman sees various areas of opportunity.

Spielman is a pioneer in the “evolution of blockchain real estate applications.” He has been invited to speak worldwide, and has published extensively on the topic, including the award-winning white paper “Blockchain: Digitally Rebuilding the Real Estate Industry.” Having received his Masters of Science in Real Estate Development from MIT, Spielman overseas real-estate development and property management interests in Middle Tennessee, and is part of Centennial Retail Services, based in Nashville.

In “Blockchain and Commercial Real Estate,” Spielman provides a comprehensive explanation of what blockchain and smart contracts are before delving into specific-use cases to illustrate how these technologies might be applied to commercial real estate. He concludes by examining the broader picture of blockchain’s potential impact on commercial real estate as a whole and addressing some of the most pressing questions about the viability of these technologies.

SIOR represents the world’s most elite real estate professionals in industrial and office. SIORs strive to not only be leaders in business, but also inform and inspire leaders across our industry. In that pursuit, SIOR has created the Thought Leadership Series to apprise readers of the latest technological advances, current and projected trends, and solutions to the issues affecting businesses today. The thought leadership series aims to educate and ensure the continued growth and evolution of Commercial Real Estate. The Series will feature collaborations with the best and brightest minds throughout CRE to produce thought-provoking and educational content, research, and topic briefs.

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