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Industrial Spaces Play a Role in COVID-19 Response


In the time of a global pandemic, the world has worked hard to show much-deserved appreciation for essential businesses and healthcare workers. What's another sector that deserves a huge round of applause? Industrial CRE.

Right now, the supply chain’s warehouse networks are more important than ever. These real-world superheroes are going above and beyond to keep up some semblance of normalcy amid a global crisis. 

Here’s a deeper look at how industrial spaces are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic:

Reconfiguring Spaces 

Social distancing is standing strong in warehouses, too. As heavy attention is being placed on the health and wellness of industrial team members, increasing the space between people in the workplace is one of the best practices for keeping safe and strong throughout the pandemic.

New restrictions are being enforced to limit the risk of property-wide exposure to the virus. In many cases, this meant switching things up within the warehouse space.

For example, all non-essential visitors or drivers are being met in the yard instead of coming inside. And⁠ if anyone does need to step on the premises, they’re getting their temperatures taken and gearing up in masks and gloves.

Maintaining Strong Communication

A seamless network of communication is helping the industrial sector mitigate the risks of COVID-19 exposure. Warehouse managers, property owners, on-site team members, drivers, suppliers, clients, and even investors are all doing their best to stay connected and keep the entire team in the loop of any new developments. 

Not only is this helping sustain the right-now of warehousing, but it’s also letting the industry establish winning strategies for the post-pandemic future. 

Keeping Up the Momentum with Logistics

Real-time data and logistics are helping warehouses succeed during COVID-19. Not only is this information helping staff stay ahead of the massive influx of orders, but it’s also helping get consumers their purchases fast.

By teaming up with top-notch transport providers, warehouses are able to expand their hours and work 24/7 to increase their delivery outreach to essential recipients. 

Cutting-edge logistics and data are using information to streamline the warehouse flow and keep things organized and running smoothly. 

The ‘New Normals’ of Industrial 

The new standards being enforced in the industrial sector aren’t just for the moment. These moves are establishing the lasting shape of the warehousing business as the CRE sector prepares for future disruptors. 

COVID-19 has opened the world’s eyes to the possibilities, and keeping one step ahead with preventative safeguards is the ‘new normal’ of business. 

  • Team members entering the site are being screened for potential illnesses before stepping foot in the building. 
  • Personal protective equipment, like certifiably-effective masks and gloves, is a basic requirement for all personnel. 
  • Social distancing protocols won’t fade so quickly in the warehouse scene. 
  • Employee replacements are lined up to keep up the pace even if staff members are compromised. 

Expect to see new demands placed on the CRE side of things as the industrial sector seeks bigger (and safer) properties to house their operations. Warehouses are quickly adapting to the latest developments of the pandemic, and the tomorrow of industrial is all about forward-thinking strategies and safety procedures.



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