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Leading SIOR into the Future: SIOR Leaders Speak with

Business Services & Best Practices Headquarter Highlights Technology & Innovation

During the recent SIOR Spring World Conference in Las Vegas, Nev., sat down with SIOR leadership for a live video interview.

SIOR President Mike Hillis, SIOR, CCIM; President-Elect Angela West, SIOR, MCR; and Vice-President Allen Gump, SIOR, CCIM, spoke with Host John Salustri about the standards of leadership and how it affects the SIOR organization. They discuss their definition of leadership, what it means to be a leader, who they look up to as leaders, and what vision they share for the SIOR organization.

Check out the entire interview below:

Alexis Fermanis

Alexis Fermanis

Alexis is SIOR's Communications Director, overseeing communication strategy and development. She also writes and presents for SIOR on occasion. Contact her at and 202.449.8226.