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The Importance of SIOR to “The Little Guy”

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The Arlington Group was founded in 2010 in the midst of the great recession. Many thought we were crazy to start a brokerage company with office and industrial markets being “in the toilet.”

Our firm is considered to be one of the little guys. The Arlington Group consists of three partners and four associates. Many national firms have teams larger than our firm. Yet, we are still here and the firm is growing and I am proud to say we are one of the more active firms in SIOR. Over the past two years, our firm has sent transactions to more than 20 SIORs across the country. The Arlington Group is a great example of how SIOR works best. By attending the last five conferences as well as Tri-State SIOR events, I have been able to meet the faces behind the names and learn more about my fellow SIOR’s and the markets in which they serve.

The “little guy” becomes a national player with SIOR riding shotgun!

With SIOR’s help, the little guy can be a national and global service provider and here are a few basic suggestions. It's as simple as A,B,C!

A) Attend as many SIOR events as possible. 

There is no better way to network and learn about SIOR. The World Conferences provide us with networking opportunities and market knowledge we cannot find anywhere else. The experience, professionalism, and good old fashioned street smarts of SIORs is unmatched.

B) Become a Chapter leader.

Want to increase your image amongst peers? The “little guy” might occasionally need an image or perception boost.  Becoming an officer puts your face in front of peers and puts your name in front of sponsors and media. You get free PR – it doesn’t get much better than this!

CCommittee involvement.

Over the past three years I have joined several SIOR committees. The results: Instant networking and name recognition.  During this time, fellow SIORs on committees have gone from “Who are you?” to “Hi Rick, how’s everything in ‘beautiful’ New Jersey?”  I’ve gone from a “who” to a name.

My business partners and I rely on SIORs for our national accounts. The Arlington Group anticipates our national coverage to increase in 2017 and beyond, and we will rely on SIORs from coast-to-coast to be our partners. With our business experience and capabilities combined with the support and resources of SIOR, this “little guy” has survived and has expanded. You can too, just remember your ABC’s!