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3 Office Design Trends That Will Stand the Test of Time

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The office sector has experienced significant changes over a short period of time, and many of the changes have been driven by the millennial population taking control of the workspace. Suddenly, things like open floor plans and co-working office spaces have become part of the norm. It’s safe to assume that the modern face of the office industry will undergo some incredible changes in the upcoming years, but which trends are passing fads and which are here to stay?

Here are 3 groundbreaking office design trends that don’t appear to be falling out of fashion any time soon.


1. Say Goodbye to the Filing Room

The office filing room may be on its way out, or scaled back at the very least, due to cloud technology is taking the CRE industry by storm. Cloud platforms are revolutionary in the sense that they make data secure and easy to access. Anyone with a security clearance and a mobile device can retrieve documents on the go without having to carry around an assortment of files.

Aside from its functional purposes, cloud technology is also useful in that it frees up office space. Now that data is stored over the internet and able to be printed and emailed from any smart device, the need for a paper storage room is diminished or made completely obsolete.

Why it’s here to stay: With cloud technology becoming more integrated into everyday life. Now that the real estate sector has embraced it for its convenience and cost-effective nature, there are no indications that cloud services are leaving anytime soon.


2. Enjoy the Natural Light

There’s a trend in office development to build higher ceilings and add bigger windows with the intent to fill the workspace with daylight. The reason behind this change has to do with the idea that people are happier and healthier when exposed to natural light. Whatever the case, many employees prefer to have some sort of nature incorporated in their work environment – whether it be natural light or some sort of faux plant life.

Why it’s here to stay: Taking into account that creating higher natural light levels is designed to promote better mental health and increase productivity levels, there’s no reason why this trend would fall out of fashion when employees are happier and working more efficiently.


3. Forget the Cubicle

With more employees calling for open floorplans, we’re beginning to see a resistance to cubicles and traditional office spaces. In fact, it’s estimated that one in every ten Americans prefer working in an open-office space instead of cubicles. Much of this is driven by a desire to work in communal spaces where people can interact and collaborate easier while promoting a workplace environment that’s not as claustrophobic.

Why it’s here to stay: As long as there’s a need for teamwork and collaboration in the office, open floorplans will continue to make sense in the professional world.


The Wrap-up

We can expect to see a lot of changes in the professional world as technology continues to develop and more millennials enter into the workspace. With these changes come a lot of passing fads that reflect the workplace ideology of the time. However, it’s pretty safe to assume that trends which increase productivity and make the office run more efficiently won’t be falling out of fashion anytime soon.



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