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The Power of Connection - SIOR at MIPIM

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For the team at SIOR, attending industry events is key to how we remain active and relevant within our industry. They provide an important opportunity to stay up-to-date with the challenges that clients face and give us the vehicle to connect our members so they can solve them.

In March every year, SIOR has a significant presence at the world’s leading real estate show, MIPIM. MIPIM brings together the most influential players from every international property market, over four busy and inspiring days. This year, we hosted members and friends from around the world at our exhibition stand, and through a series of events. Joining over 20,000 attendees and 2,500 exhibitors from 93 countries, the SIOR team made the most of this chance to connect and forge new relationships.

The sheer scale of an event like this brings not only exceptional networking opportunities, but also a platform to highlight the skills and expertise of our members in the context of market trends, new developments, and commercial opportunities. The 57 SIOR members and friends of SIOR in attendance at MIPIM could then capitalize on these for mutual benefit. And our members benefitted from a 68% discount on entry.

As any member of SIOR knows, our organization is all about representing the best-in-class advisors in real estate, delivering new business, and sharing best practices. It’s fair to say that being a member of SIOR significantly increases exposure, as Renata Osiecka, SIOR, managing partner of Axi Immo Group, based in Warsaw, affirms:

“The main advantage of being a member of SIOR is high visibility among international business partners. The organization itself consists of many experts with great experience. It is a network of mutual relations that builds trust among its members. When we are events, we can present our positions and exchange experiences, for example, during panel discussions organized by SIOR but also during less formal gatherings.”

Patrick J. Sentner, SIOR, executive vice president at CBRE and 2021–2022 SIOR Global President, also shared his experience:

“The focus of my attendance at MIPIM was on meeting with current SIOR Europe Chapter members and prospects. Our goal at SIOR is to have every major city/region in Europe covered by a solid commercial real estate practitioner. By going as part of SIOR, our European Chapter members were able to introduce me to Europe’s top developers, contractors and economic development experts. In addition, it afforded me the opportunity to speak with a prominent city mayor about future economic development in his city.”

We attend many events across the world every year and going as one SIOR team brings great benefits. We are always striving to build on the networking opportunity afforded and look forward to welcoming even more members at the many conferences where we have a presence.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about which events we attend and how you can get involved.

Paul Danks, SIOR

Paul Danks, SIOR

Industrial Specialist
Director, DRG Group Ltd.
President of SIOR European Chapter
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