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What Could Office Space Look Like After COVID-19?

Office Management & Ownership

In the midst of an utterly unprecedented situation, everyone in the professional sphere is trying to keep above water…CRE included. The rapidly evolving state of the virus has the industry on their toes, and the biggest conversation circling right now is ‘what’s coming next?’ 

While no one really knows exactly what the post-COVID outlook is, one thing is for certain: we’ll be emerging into a new phase of global society, filled with new concerns and new trends. 

One of the first areas where these coronavirus-conscious adaptations will be implemented is the office scene. At present, teleworking is still the norm, but most people are already itching to get back to work and kick up the momentum to make up for any losses. 

The transition back to work is sure to knock today’s office arena off of its previous trajectory and towards a new future, and the best way to be prepared is to start strategizing immediately. 

Here’s what office property owners and managers should be considering: 

Cutting Back on the Shared Office Space

Over the past few years, so much time, money, and efforts have been funneled into finding the perfect workspace design. Developers and companies eagerly sought to reinvigorate the contemporary office set-up to attain new levels of productivity, profitability, and team enthusiasm. 

The industry sought after creative solutions in hopes of revamping their tired office buildings to prepare for changing workforce demands amongst the emerging age of tech. 

While shared workspaces and coworking were becoming more popular, COVID-19 will be stunting the growth of this trend. Expect to see a big push back towards personalized, small-scale, and individual office assets in the post-pandemic leasing demographics. 

New Procedures Will Be a Must

Start drafting up new cleaning plans now.

An upgraded sanitation protocol will be a must for the reopening of offices. It’s a good idea to expand your cleaning team, invest in protective gear for building personnel, and follow expert advice on how to keep your space safe and clean. 

Reshaping Work Flows 

A big part of the pre-COVID workspace culture was breaking free from the boundaries of the cubicle. Offices were filled with shareable, switchable seating arrangements that provided the perfect environment for every unique task. 

Get ready for that fluid workflow to come to a sudden halt as people are viewing this intermingling as hazardous behavior. Instead, team members will want personal desks and private areas.

Social-Distance Savvy Spaces

Modern society has never seen behavior patterns like today’s, which means office spaces will need to be adjusted according to social-distant protocols. 

More suggestions include increasing the space between desks and work areas, limiting the number of chairs at group tables, and setting up proximity spacers in common areas. 

These passive moves will grab the attention of even the most relaxed team members to keep your asset in line with the new definitions of health and safety.

Get ahead of the ‘new normals’ of CRE’s office sector resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. Start preparing for a strong comeback with these 4 tips, and stay updated with the SIOR Pulse blog. We’re here for you through it all.



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