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CRE Prospecting in the Digital Age: How to Land Leads

by SIOR Technology and Communications Committee from

There are a lot of changes going on in CRE that are inextricably tied to the evolution of technology. The digital age is bringing with it a new culture, a new workforce, a new real estate market. How you prospect for leads in the digital age depends on how well you can adapt to an ever-changing CRE landscape. According to data by Forrester Research from […]

Architecture concept with  drawing compass on blueprints.

Standard Methods for Measuring Office and Industrial Property World Wide

The way property assets are currently measured varies widely from country to country. Even within the same country there are many differing approaches. With so many different methods of measurement available, it makes it difficult to those looking to invest in real property to make comparisons. This confusion can affect property values and lead to errors in financial reporting, and consequently, undermine market confidence and […]

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Blending Hi-tech and Hi-touch

Don’t Blink! Was it just yesterday we were standing in front of a building, waiting for a broker or client to show up and inspect our space? No cell phone…No way to reach him…no way to know how long we should wait…countless hours wasted. Doesn’t that seem like an impossible way to do business? Will the future stars in our business think of us as the […]


Member Spotlight: Arjuun Kuumar

SIOR’s monthly member spotlight highlights an SIOR member who showcases an exemplary profile and has a strong engagement with the online community. This past month we focused on Arjuun Kuumar SIOR, MRICS, industrial and office Specialist and executive director at INDUS GLOBAL SPACE SOLUTIONS LLP in Mumbai, India. Arjuun Kuumar brings about 18 years of corporate real estate experience to Indus Global Space Solutions LLP. […]

The High Line Park New York

New Industries and the Spaces They Occupy

by SIOR Technology and Communications Committee from

This October in New York City, during the SIOR Fall World Conference, SIOR, in partnership with the MIT Center of Real Estate, will be offering a program called New Industries and the Spaces They Occupy. In preparation, two members of the Tech Committee, Gary Joel Schacker, SIOR, and Jim Klein, SIOR; and Steve Weikal, Head of Industry Relations from the MIT Center, had an advanced […]

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A Helpful Hack for Dealing with Information Overload

Information and knowledge are two important ingredients in today’s business world. But how to keep up with the latest news and technologies that are important to you can be challenging in a world of information overload. Here’s a hack that uses Feedly® to bring you the information you want and Google Keep® to organize that information for later use; together – straight from your smartphone. The […]

Trees reflected on building

Five Green Living Best-Practices for the Office

by Alexis Fermanis, SIOR Director of Communications from

When planning for an office space, as a builder or developer, you have to stay ahead of the trends. The major trend developing this year and into the future is for more green living and energy efficiency. In large part due to the aging millennial generation that is more conservation minded and more socially conscious than previous generations. Many of these green living trends are […]

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Working with Salesforce, VTS, and Hightower

In the beginning of the year, I started using Salesforce and Hightower leasing management platforms. Recently I have uploaded and switched from Hightower to VTS because an internal team that I am working with uses the VTS platform. How has this experience been? Here are a few of my observations: I am not using Salesforce; I am using VTS and this is primarily because the rest […]

Big Ben with red double-decker in London, UK

Four Takeaways From the SIOR European Conference

by Richard Hollander, SIOR, FRICS from

The first ever SIOR European Conference was held in London on June 23-24 at London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square. The conference was held jointly with the Industrial Asset Management Council’s (IAMC) Professional Forum to create an exciting collaboration between both events. Coincidentally, it was also the day on which the referendum for the Brexit was held. What an amazing time to be in Europe! With […]


Member Spotlight: Frédéric Schneider, SIOR

SIOR’s monthly member spotlight highlights an SIOR member who showcases an exemplary profile and has a strong engagement with the online community. This past month we focused on Frédéric Schneider, SIOR, advisory specialist and director at CAPITA in London, UK. Frédéric has more than 15 years of experience in corporate real estate strategy and implementation across EMEA and ASIAPAC. He is currently involved in the strategic analysis and implementation […]