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Allen Gump Celebrates 75 Years

by SIOR HQ from

In this video, SIOR President, Allen Gump celebrates the growth of the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors throughout its 75 year history and shares advice for fellow and incoming SIOR members.  

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The Importance of SIOR to “The Little Guy”

The Arlington Group was founded in 2010 in the midst of the great recession. Many thought we were crazy to start a brokerage company with office and industrial markets being “in the toilet.” Our firm is considered to be one of the little guys. The Arlington Group consists of three partners and four associates. Many national firms have teams larger than our firm. Yet, we […]

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Charity Begins at Home

My wife and I have family in rural America. When I tell them that my main business is representing healthcare organizations and governments in real estate lease negotiations, I can tell what they’re thinking: You really get paid for that? We take it for granted, but commercial real estate brokerage is a great business. It isn’t very capital intensive. There’s rarely pressure on commissions, everyone […]


New Fall Issue of the SIOR Report Now Available

by SIOR from

SIOR’s dynamic quarterly magazine addresses the concerns of industrial and office real estate practitioners. Articles by industry experts focus on topics from the evolving paradigm in commercial real estate brokerage to effectively managing offices and technology. SIOR Report will reinforce your professionalism and give you the tools to excel in sales and leasing. In this fall edition of the SIOR Report magazine, SIOR members and expert […]

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The Marketing Strategy that Will Build Your Business

by Michael Beckerman from

I get it. Most commercial real estate professionals don’t really enjoy self promoting. It’s considered a waste of time by some and too egocentric by others. Almost all of the CRE professionals that I talk to say they just don’t have to time to dedicate to it. They are busy enough trying to keep up with their day job. However, I have been in the […]

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3 Industrial Sector Trends to Watch in 2017

by SIOR Technology and Communications Committee from

The industrial sector has been under watchful eye over the past few years —and rightfully so. An increased demand from e-commerce and third-party logistics companies for warehouse and distribution space coupled, with a high demand for in-fill locations throughout major metros, has caused a great shift in the sector. Additionally, the ongoing expansion of the Panama Canal continues to be a big driver of industrial […]

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Member Spotlight: Richard Delisle

by Richard R. Delisle, SIOR from

SIOR’s monthly member spotlight highlights an SIOR member who showcases an exemplary profile and has a strong engagement with the online community. This past month we focused on Richard Delisle, SIOR, industrial specialist and principal at RD Strategic in Mundelein, IL. Delisle has spent more than 30 years structuring and negotiating commercial real estate and construction transactions. He holds a Real Estate Broker’s license & Managing Broker’s […]

A group of multi-ethnic business people meeting around a brown wooden board room table and work together on a project. They are working on documents with graphs and tables. They are all using technology including mobile phones, laptop computers and digital tablets.

5 Ways to Help Office Clients Rebrand Their Asset

by SIOR Technology and Communications Committee from

Millennials, young adults born between 1978 and 1996, are the new target for most marketing campaigns —in all industries. Baby Boomers have retired; no longer part of the huge workforce that has, for many years, been the group the businesses targeted. Millennials are fast becoming the 30 something’s who tend to drive the economy. The same holds true in today’s office environment. Understanding millennial behaviors […]

Businessman working at office desk and using a digital tablet, marketing and business text concepts coming out from the tablet's screen

7 Steps to Content Marketing

Many office and industrial real estate professionals are notoriously bad at content marketing. Content marketing is the story behind your listing (or the headlines in your market). The fun facts and trends that your listing represents. First, lets take a look at what content marketing is exactly. Content Marketing: The art of Communicating with and educating your customers, clients and prospects without selling products or […]

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CRE Prospecting in the Digital Age: How to Land Leads

by SIOR Technology and Communications Committee from

There are a lot of changes going on in CRE that are inextricably tied to the evolution of technology. The digital age is bringing with it a new culture, a new workforce, a new real estate market. How you prospect for leads in the digital age depends on how well you can adapt to an ever-changing CRE landscape. According to data by Forrester Research from […]