2018 Winter Edition of the SIOR Report Now Available!

SIOR’s dynamic quarterly magazine addresses the concerns of industrial and office real estate practitioners. Articles by industry experts focus on[…]

Can Traditional Office Space Compete With Co-Working?

As you may already know, the stronghold that traditional office spaces have had on the market is being challenged by the emergence of co-working[…]

Using Big Data to Improve Customer Service and Save on Maintenance Costs

The commercial real estate industry is changing and the driving force behind it is new, advanced technology. With the rise in popularity of smartphones[…]

Big Box Industrial – 32’ versus 36’ Clear Heights

There is a lot of discussion within the industrial real estate community about optimal clear eave heights in modern developments. What is the[…]

Ethics in Commercial Real Estate

Holding a license as a real estate professional carries with it an important duty and responsibility to protect and promote the clients best interest.[…]

10 Ways to Protect a Vacant Building

Whether your building is vacant due to a sluggish economy or for some other reason, it’s important to ensure that it’s kept as safe as possible. Vacant[…]

The Checklist for Steps to Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Broker

First you RECOGNIZE you need a professional. It may hit you like a ton of bricks or it may have taken you years with no results to arrive at this[…]

Tips On Tenant Renewal Leases

Tenants "renew" leases all the time, but almost always outside the legal bounds of the renewal right in their lease. Technically, most tenants[…]

Taking the Fast Track with Commercial Lease Transactions

Too often do true opportunities for great landlord/tenant relations get lost in lease negotiations. However, if all parties work together to “fast[…]

Having Your Cake and Eating it Too - Achieving the Delicate Balance in Negotiations

We live in a world where we are not only told it’s impossible to have our cake and eat it too, but that there’s even something wrong with trying. This[…]

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