New Rules Will Change the Game for Commercial Real Estate Leases

A proposed accounting rule change could substantially alter the way thousands of U.S. businesses treat leased real estate, which could have a seismic[..]


Five Ways to Be More Productive (And a Few Apps to Help!)

We’re all victim to procrastination. The distractions that now come from cute pictures of pets and babies on Facebook; the constant string of emails to[..]


Tips On Tenant Renewal Leases

Tenants "renew" leases all the time, but almost always outside the legal bounds of the renewal right in their lease. Technically, most tenants negotiate a[..]


Concentration Continues at the Top Tier of Industrial Buildings

The world of big industrial has evolved with fewer and better capitalized buyers. It’s a core group of 15 or 20 nationwide owners that know the markets,[..]


Is Everything Really Bigger in Texas?

Concerned about the amount of business opportunities available today? Perhaps you haven’t looked to Texas!


Taking the Fast Track with Commercial Lease Transactions

Too often do true opportunities for great landlord/tenant relations get lost in lease negotiations. However, if all parties work together to “fast track”[..]


Investment Sales Brokers Expect Market to Continue Favoring Sellers and For Prices to (Mostly) Rise

Despite the threat from last year’s fiscal cliff financial fiasco, 46 percent of CORFAC’s brokers’ said that their clients would go ahead and try to sell[..]


A Salesperson With No Ears

In today’s digital world, with information immediately available at the touch of our finger-tips, there’s no longer an excuse for being misinformed or[..]

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