7 Features CRE Brokers Should Look for in a Great CRM

Great CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software comes in many different forms for a variety of industries. There are CRM tools made generally for[…]

Charity Begins at Home

My wife and I have family in rural America. When I tell them that my main business is representing healthcare organizations and governments in real[…]

Top 3 Things I Learned at the SIOR Global Conference

Here are the top three things I learned at the SIOR Global Conference that was recently held in San Diego, California.

10 Steps to Sustainability Success

This article is the first post from SIOR and's joint venture -  Thought Leadership series. Watch for additional articles, as well as[…]

The Checklist for Steps to Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Broker

First you RECOGNIZE you need a professional. It may hit you like a ton of bricks or it may have taken you years with no results to arrive at this[…]

Five Ways to Be More Productive (And a Few Apps to Help!)

We’re all victim to procrastination. The distractions that now come from cute pictures of pets and babies on Facebook; the constant string of emails to[…]

Why Should You Work With an SIOR Professional?

In every industry you will find professionals with a wide range of  experience levels and designations. The commercial/industrial real estate industry[…]

Leading SIOR into the Future: SIOR Leaders Speak with

During the recent SIOR Spring World Conference in Las Vegas, Nev., sat down with SIOR leadership for a live video interview.

Five (5) Steps to Building Better Connections

In preparation for the upcoming SIOR Spring World Conference, I am reminded of the importance of building and maintaining true business relationships –[…]

How to Select a Commercial Real Estate Broker

In my 34 years of practicing commercial real estate, there have been countless discussions about how to select a commercial real estate broker. Many[…]

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