New Fall Issue of the SIOR Report Now Available

SIOR’s dynamic quarterly magazine addresses the concerns of industrial and office real estate practitioners. Articles by industry experts focus on[..]


The Marketing Strategy that Will Build Your Business

I get it. Most commercial real estate professionals don’t really enjoy self promoting. It’s considered a waste of time by some and too egocentric by[..]


5 Ways to Help Office Clients Rebrand Their Asset

Millennials, young adults born between 1978 and 1996, are the new target for most marketing campaigns —in all industries. Baby Boomers have retired; no[..]


7 Steps to Content Marketing

Many office and industrial real estate professionals are notoriously bad at content marketing. Content marketing is the story behind your listing (or[..]


CRE Prospecting in the Digital Age: How to Land Leads

There are a lot of changes going on in CRE that are inextricably tied to the evolution of technology. The digital age is bringing with it a new[..]


Blending Hi-tech and Hi-touch

Don’t Blink! Was it just yesterday we were standing in front of a building, waiting for a broker or client to show up and inspect our space? No cell[..]


New Industries and the Spaces They Occupy

This October in New York City, during the SIOR Fall World Conference, SIOR, in partnership with the MIT Center of Real Estate, will be offering a[..]


A Helpful Hack for Dealing with Information Overload

Information and knowledge are two important ingredients in today’s business world. But how to keep up with the latest news and technologies that are[..]


Working with Salesforce, VTS, and Hightower

In the beginning of the year, I started using Salesforce and Hightower leasing management platforms. Recently I have uploaded and switched from[..]


The Last Mile Delivery Landscape in 2016 and Beyond

In today’s ultra-competitive retail marketplace, no retailer can afford to sidestep the challenge of last-mile, same-day delivery. Even minor[..]

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