Looking Ahead

Predicting the Headlines of 2022

The Office of the Future Remains as Uncertain as Ever

Republished with permission from Commercial Property Executive.


SIOR Gives Back in 2021

2021: A year that taught us the importance of togetherness. After months of stay-at-home orders and mandated social distancing, communities across the[..]


The System of Systems

As the Nation Awaits Repairs to Infrastructure, Industrial Specialists Are Adapting

At the time of this writing, the U.S. stands to lose its global[..]


Ireland: A Land of Opportunities for Brokers

Many may be surprised to learn that Ireland regularly vies for the title of the biggest exporter of software in the world and continues to grow. The[..]


Going Solo

Running a Successful One-Person Shop

As anyone who has ever contemplated running their own one-person brokerage can tell you, the appeal is undeniable.[..]


Why Tech Isn't Replacing Your Real Estate Broker Any Time Soon

Republished with permission from Rthornburgh.com


Creative Strategies for Marketing Office Subleases

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many companies to view their office space as an albatross. Some have tried to break or alter their leases, while others[..]


More Women in Industrial CRE Isn’t Just Good For Women- It’s Good For the Industry

Republished with permission from Dallas Business Journal.


Raising Downtowns Up

“Ghost towns.” That is howBloombergreporters recently described London, New York, and San Francisco, all of which experienced significant decreases in[..]

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