Financial Technology: The Fintech Revolution

A few weeks ago, 60 minutes discussed how one sector of our economy after another is being disrupted by new apps and technology. We have seen the[..]


5 Types of Data Centers

Ring ring?


Top 3 Things I Learned at the SIOR Global Conference

Here are the top three things I learned at the SIOR Global Conference that was recently held in San Diego, California.


Are Commercial and Industrial Properties Ready for Fuel Cells?

Recently Home Depot announced that they were installing fuel cells in up to 10 of their Long Island locations. The fuel cells which power up to 90% of[..]


Inside SIOR’s CRE Tech Sessions

In early October I attended SIOR’s Fall Convention in Chicago. There were several sessions on CRE tech – and I went to all of them! Here’s my highlight[..]


New Special Technology Edition of the SIOR Professional Report Available

In this summer edition of the SIOR Professional Report magazine, SIOR members and expert commercial real estate brokers from around the globe share[..]


10 Steps to Sustainability Success

This article is the first post from SIOR and GlobeSt.com's joint venture -  Thought Leadership series. Watch for additional articles, as well as[..]


SIOR Recognizes CRE Digital Excellence

The world of commercial real estate is evolving, and none know that better than those at the fore-front of the industry, SIOR members. The Society of[..]


SIOR Professional Report Special Fall Edition Now Available

In this special fall edition of the SIOR Professional Report magazine, SIOR focuses strictly on development. SIOR members, expert commercial real[..]


The Checklist for Steps to Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Broker

First you RECOGNIZE you need a professional. It may hit you like a ton of bricks or it may have taken you years with no results to arrive at this[..]

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